Men's Shirt

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      For the ultimate capsule wardrobe, every dapper dude needs a carefully selected group of men's shirts that can be worn with pride and confidence no matter the setting. Here is our review of the essential men's shirt designs, from lightweight cotton options for exercise and warm days to classic button-downs that elevate any suit.

      Relaxed Fit Shirts for Men
      Shirts with a more relaxed fit will likely become your go-to. Clothing with a little of elasticity and a soft, breathable design is ideal for any activity, from relaxing to the most strenuous exercises. Look for tees produced from sustainable materials like organic linen, tencel, or recycled cotton. Furthermore, you should spend money on timeless designs that will endure a long time. This ensures that they won't lose their form or color no matter how many times you throw them in the wash.

      Though graphic tees are always a crowd pleaser, it's wise to stock up on plain tees and casual button-downs as well. Favor basic solid colors that may be mixed and matched to create a wide range of casual (and semiformal) outfits. Black t-shirts and cargo shorts look great together, as do slim-fit jeans and other casual bottoms for guys. In addition, a well-cut jacket is the perfect way to add polish to a laid-back top like a polo shirt or V-neck tee.

      Dress Shirts for Men
      While you may not have a regular need to dress formally in an office setting, you may nevertheless find yourself in need of a suit on occasion. Make sure you're prepared in advance by stocking up on a few decent dress shirts. When dressing a man in a traditional blue or black suit, a crisp white shirt is a must. Plus, they provide a great canvas for pops of color, whether from a patterned pocket square or a checkered tie. Knowing whether you like classic-fit or slim-fit shirts before purchasing a small quantity of formal dress shirts is a wise move. Because various brands have somewhat varying size runs, it's always a good idea to check out the fitting room before making a purchase.

      Oxford shirts are great for a business casual look. Though they're more comfortable than traditional men's dress shirts, they nevertheless come in a wide variety of cuts and colors. They are quite versatile and can be worn with anything from a fitted pant to your favorite pair of off-duty jeans.