Men's Shirt

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Finding The Right Men's Shirt

For the ultimate capsule wardrobe, every dapper dude needs a carefully selected group of men's shirts that can be worn with pride and confidence no matter the setting. Here is our review of the essential men's shirt designs, from lightweight cotton options for exercise and warm days to classic button-downs that elevate any suit.

Different Types of Men's Shirts To Shop For:

  • Button up shirts: Dress shirts are collared, button-up shirts that are often worn with suits or dress slacks.
  • Casual shirts: shirts with or without collars made of casual materials such as cotton or flannel.
  • T-shirts: basic, short-sleeved cotton or cotton mix shirts that are often worn in a casual context.
  • Sweaters: Sweaters are knit tops used for warmth that are often composed of wool or cotton.
  • Polos: A polo shirt is a sort of shirt... Read More