White Blouse

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The Timeless White Top
Some styles are so classic that they will never leave your closet's front row, such as the professional-approved button-up top or a soft cotton shirt that looks fantastic with women's jeans. A simple cotton shirt will never go out of style, no matter what else may come and go. White ruffle blouses and tie-neck blouses are timeless additions to any wardrobe and will continue to work well as layering items no matter what kind of suit is now popular for ladies.

The Statement White Top
Do you want to refresh your wardrobe? Choose white tops with modern touches. To update your casual style without giving up the versatility of a classic white short-sleeve shirt, try a fluffy top with a playful knot or tie at the hem. In the same vein, shirts with off-the-shoulder necklines are trending, particularly when they include edgy grommets or metallic trim.

Even though a white blouse may be worn with almost any bottom, you should still take your body type into account while purchasing one. For women with hourglass proportions, close-fitting blouses that accentuate curves are a good option, while women with pear shapes should choose for a white long-sleeve top with an elaborate neckline. Nowadays, finding the perfect fit and style for everything from a plus-size white shirt to a small top is a breeze.