Clothing That Improves your health

Reduce Chest Paints, Headaches, Brain Fog, Stress And More!

Unlike Anything You've Seen before
EMF Protection Apparel

Protect your body from your cell phone or laptop radiation when data is being transmitting via wifi or 5g signals.

Get Proteck'd, Feel Protected

Reduce Headaches, Stress, And Depression.

Reduce Chest Pains, Balance Your Heart Rate And Increase Blood Flow.

Improve Fertility, Gastro Intestinal Track, and Cognitive Memory.

Top Rated
Comfort and Style

Providing the greatest quality and most comfortable EMF apparel ever.

See How our MagShield Technology Works Below

emf protection pants
emf protection pants
EMF Coverage
How it Works

Our technology protects around the shield up to 8" depending on the type of clothing you're wearing.

Undeniably Comfortable
Moisture Wicking and Soft Cotton

We blend a majority of our shirts with cotton and polyester materials to give you the best of both worlds.