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Benefits Of Emf Protection Clothing

Feel Better Mentally: Ease headaches, stress, and feeling down.

Heart Health: Lessen chest pains, keep your heart steady, and help your blood flow smoothly.

Boost Energy and Fertility: Improve chances of having a baby, keep your stomach healthy, help your memory, and more.

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Aura Shield V.s Faraday

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Mix and match Faraday and Aura shield Emf protection for your next event, family gathering, or vacation.
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Clothing That Matters

Avoid the short and long term health effects of EMF. View our Faraday and Aurashield Collections.
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EMF Clothing

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We are very proud to offer you the very best emf clothing experience. Proteck'd is the preferred One-Stop Shop for individuals who frequently interact with EMF.

The Ultimate Solution

How it Works

Our innovative Aura Shield Technology has been designed to protect from EMF radiation and minimize potential health risks. By effectively reducing EMF, our method provides reliable shielding within a radius of approximately 5–8 inches surrounding our logo and pockets.

Emf clothes
Aura Shield EMF Protection Clothing

Style Meets Protection

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Looking good while still being protected. Every item we sell is Aura Shield protected unless it is labeled as Faraday.

Emf Clothing for Children

Protection For Children

Protecting your child against the potential effects of 5G towers is a critical concern for many communities where 5G towers are being built on schools.

Youth Collection

The Practical Solution

Adopting the use of EMF clothing provides a straightforward and effective means to protect yourself from the potential harm caused by EMFs like mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and more.

How to Protect Yourself From EMF

Emf Protection Clothing

Our devoted team is providing you with the top-tier EMF shielding solutions, prioritizing your well-being and providing solutions for the tech driven future.