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Providing you with with the greatest quality of EMF reduction as well as the largest and comfortable selection of EMF reduction apparel.

Unlike Any other
EMF Protection Apparel

Each front pocket contains our Magshield Technology to eliminate radiation released from your phone when inside your pocket.

Get Proteck'd, Feel Protected

Created to provide safety, style, and comfort against out everyday electronics and mobile devices which causes unwanted EMF radiation to our bodies.

emf protection pants
emf protection pants
EMF Coverage
How it Works

Our MagShield Techonology protects up to 5-8 inches of EMF radiation around the shield which will vary depending on the clothing type purchased and the device being used.

Undeniably Comfortable
Moisture Wicking and Soft Cotton

We blend a majority of our shirts with cotton and polyester materials to give you the best of both worlds.

The best emf protection clothing
Precious Metals
MagShield Technology
Our MagShield Technology is embedded into our Embroideries. The Technology is comprised of multiple sources of Anti EMF Materials including Copper, Steel, Nickel, Graphite, Aluminum, and Silver.
The Future of EMF Protection Clothing
Healthier Living
The Future of Clothing is here
Headaches, Fatigue, and other known effects from EMF have become more "normalized" in our lives.

The easiest way to change this normalization is to change what you wear and get Proteck'd.