5g Conspiracy Theory

Thoughts Concerning 5G That Are Linked to Conspiracies

There has been a proliferation of conspiracy theories on the internet ever since the coronavirus outbreak was first identified in China in the month of March. The idea that the 5G technology is to blame for the epidemic is by far one of the most sensational assertions that have been made.

These theories are founded on several logical fallacies that are widely acknowledged within the fields of philosophy and psychology. These fallacies include the misplaced data, patternicity, and conjunction fallacies. Most of the time, dread and predispositions to believe are the driving forces behind these hypotheses, rather than actual information.


What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of cellular network technology that is gradually being carried out across the United States and around the globe. It provides quicker data transfers and network capability than existing 4G LTE technology, and is anticipated to facilitate such new developments as smart communities and autonomous operations.

To comprehend why a small number of individuals are stressing out about it, it’s time for a little gobbledygook: At its heart, 5G is a collection of technological specifications which a portion of the radio frequency spectrum cellular devices use to communicate with the mobile network. It’s the same way 3G and 4G operated only, with 5G devices can receive a broader variety of radio frequency signals than before, allowing for enhancements to performance and bandwidth.

There are three different kinds of 5G networks: networks that use the low-band, mid-band and high-band of the wireless frequency spectrum. Low-band networks provide broad coverage but only modest enhancements to speed, mid-band networks combine speed and coverage and high-band networks provide ultrafast bandwidth but signals don’t travel very far.

Ultimately, low- and mid-band networks are anticipated to encompass much of the country. High-band networks will be constructed mostly in cities because they require establishing numerous small cell sites in a particular region to make up for the fact that transmissions struggle to propagate.


In the most recent weeks, there has been an explosion of conspiracy theories both online and offline, disseminating dread that 5G may be to blame for the emergence of the coronavirus. As a direct consequence of this, several mobile phone towers located throughout the UK have been the targets of burning assaults.

The conspiracy belief that 5G is to blame for the malware first surfaced toward the end of January and rapidly gained traction. It incorporates several distinct stories about 5G into one poisonous concoction of disinformation and has also been connected to claims that Bill Gates and his organization were the ones who were responsible for the epidemic.

The hypothesis has garnered tens of thousands of comments and tens of hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Even though Facebook claims to have deleted a number of videos that incorrectly linked 5G to the coronavirus outbreak, there are still a number of other inaccurate claims that are proliferating on social media.

Theories of conspiracies

Around the world, people are starting to believe increasingly conspiratorial ideas regarding 5g. They have been accumulating on the internet for several months.

The formulation of theories based on conspiracies is a typical practice among individuals who wish to rationalize away information in which they lack faith. It frequently depends on what Keely (1999) refers to as "errant data," which are pieces of information that cannot be accounted for or explained, and which are absent from the official media's accepted narratives.

Because of this, the fact that these theories are founded on what the writers of this article refer to as "patternicity fallacies" and "conjunction fallacies" should not come as a surprise to anyone (Wilkinson and Pickett, 2009). The contingent character of topographical data, in particular biological entities like urbanities and conurbations, can make it more difficult to understand significant relationships. This is especially the case when looking at population density data.

For instance, we have discovered that conspiracists tend to confuse the processes of technological dissemination and the mechanisms of societal control. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that progress is continuous. The writers of this article, on the other hand, contend that this is not necessarily the case. This is due to the fact that powerful interests have the ability to force quick change, which often has disastrous consequences.

5G damages

Non-ionizing electromagnetic fields are responsible for the majority of the potential risks associated with the use of mobile cellular technologies, if any risks are associated with their use at all (RF-EMF). The human body is unable to assimilate these fields, so they do not have a negative impact on the defense system.

There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence suggesting that RF-EMFs do not cause any health concerns when they are used within the permitted boundaries. The only known adverse impact of RF-EMFs is an increase in the temperature of the tissue to an unsafe level.

In spite of this, conspiracy theories regarding 5G are extensively disseminated across social media platforms and in a variety of online communities. Some of them believe that the coronavirus was a cover-up for the new 5G antennas, while others believe that the virus was caused by radioactivity from the new installations.

These conspiracies are not isolated occurrences; rather, they are a component of a larger repertoire of disinformation that is steadily developing into a social and political menace. In addition to this, they frequently have the capability for organized forms of violent support. They also have been discovered to have a favorable correlation with the condition of being angry.


People have also been setting 5G antennas on fire and assaulting specialists who work on the technology, in addition to spreading conspiracy theories about the technology. People are carrying them out because they believe that 5G is hazardous and that the government is trying to keep the information about it from the general public.

A further conspiracy theory asserts that animals are passing away due to the effects of 5G, which is creating an epidemic of the coronavirus. A movie that was connected to a post that was shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook and garnered 8,000 conversations has been watched more than 500,000 times.

However, the hypothesis that there is a connection between 5G and the coronavirus is not confirmed by the findings from scientific studies. In point of fact, the electromagnetic radiation that is used by 5G has an extremely low energy and is not known to induce potentiation or the transmission of malware. In addition, research conducted on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human health has revealed both the absence of any negative effects and the presence of beneficial effects in patients.

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