Beanie ELITE

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Proteck'd Apparel is designed to help you feel and perform your best by using cutting-edge technology that shields you from emf waves and improves your immunity, performance, cognition, and sleep.

Popular styles of beanies:

  • Cuffed beanies: These beanies feature a rolling rim that covers the ears and may be worn folded up or down. They are referred to as "cuffed beanies."
  • Slouchy beanies: Slouchy beanies are characterized by a looser and more relaxed fit, and the rim of the hat is often usually rolled down when the hat is worn.
  • Skull caps: Skull caps are a kind of beanies that are designed to fit snugly on the head. They have a shorter rim than traditional beanies, and they do not cover the ears.
  • Ponytail beanies: These beanies include a hole in the back to permit a ponytail or a bun, and they are known as ponytail beanies.
  • Visor beanies: Visor beanies are beanies that already have a visor attached to the front of the cap. These beanies are often used for sports or other activities that take place outside.
  • Pom-pom beanies: Pom-pom beanies are beanies that have a little ball of yarn or artificial fur affixed to the top of the cap. These beanies are also known as pompom beanies.
  • Rolled-up beanies: These beanies are meant to be worn with the rim rolled up, revealing the wearer's forehead. They are referred to as rolled-up beanies.

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