Proprietary Shield

Our proprietary blocking technology is bi-directional it absorbs and reflects emf from many front facing emf devices. This includes phones, TV, Laptops, Computers, Etc.

  • Our Magshield patch provides all the necessary protection needed in most situations.
  • Our embroidery is combined with proprietary precious metals to provide a strong radius of protection around the patch.
  • Yes, we sell faraday emf proof silver lined options If you require something stronger then our standard radius protection.
  • Yes, We provide an affiliation program for anyone who is interested in partaking in this program.
  • Yes, We provide discounts for many public service workers and students.
  • You can find our discount options on the bottom of our pages.
  • Please contact us proteckdservice@gmail.com with your name on the order
    or your order ID.
  • We will accommodate any issues that you are having within 24 hours.
  • You have up to 30 days after the items have been delivered to make any returns for any reason.
  • Phone calls will not be answered, but we will respond to any voicemails via text and/or email listed on the voicemail.

We offer free exchanges. Email us at proteckdservice@gmail.com with your exchange request. There is no charge to exchange products for US or International customers.

Other than our Faraday clothing (99% protection) a majority of our clothing is front facing protection only and there is no worries about "trapping" any emf.

Emf radiation loses much of its strength once diffused by metal protection properties in emf clothing, it will not amplify the emf radiation or trap it.

Proteck'd Hats and Beanies
Improve Cognitive Memory


Over time and regular daily usage, Proteck'd hats and beanies have been demonstrated to progressively improve general memory, concentration, and focus, minimize brain fog, and lessen headaches.

Recommended User:

When spending extended amounts of time in front of a computer screen or other electronic device, our clothing will increase overall productivity.

Proteck'd Tops
Balanced Heart rate


Regularizes the flow of blood to the heart and gastrointestinal tract, which is beneficial to both. Assists in maintaining healthy blood pressure and providing resistance to disease.

Recommended User:

Improve your cardiovascular and digestive health when you're on the phone, in front of a computer display, or while you're getting your sweat on at the gym.

Proteck'd Bottoms
Increase Fertility


Increases fertility and has a general capacity to aid in the procreation of both male and female offspring

Recommended User:

Increase overall fertility and minimize cancer risk while sitting for extended periods of time when using laptops, carrying a phone in your pocket, or using a mobile device.