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Women's Blouses

Creating Depth In Women's Blouses

The breadth and depth of a woman's wardrobe isn't complete unless she has a large selection of womens blouses. The good news is that finding the ideal women's blouse doesn't have to be a time-consuming or costly endeavor. Simply throwing on a  woman's blouse over any shirt is an instant way to make her seem put together and modern. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of other attractive womens blouses choices available.

Different Types of Blouses to Consider:

  • Button-up blouse: A conventional blouse with a collar and a front button placket.
  • Peplum blouse: A peplum blouse is a shirt with a flounced or ruffled layer at the waist.
  • Tunic blouse: A longer-length blouse that drapes beyond the hips.
  • Off-shoulder blouse: A blouse with straps or sleeves that slip off the shoulders, exposing the collarbone and upper arms, is known as an off-shoulder blouse.
  • Wrap blouse: A wrap blouse is a blouse with a wrap or tie fastening at the waist.
  • Crop top blouse: A blouse with a shorter length that finishes above the waist.
  • Sheer blouse: A blouse composed of a lightweight, semi-transparent fabric like chiffon or lace.
  • Ruffle blouse: A ruffled blouse has ruffles or gathers at the neckline, sleeves, or hem.
  • Cold-shoulder blouse: A blouse with cut-out straps or sleeves that show the shoulders.
  • Smocked blouse: A shirt with elasticized threads at the neckline... Read More