Men's Shirt Collection

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      A well-curated collection of men's shirts that can be worn to every function is an essential component of any stylish man's capsule wardrobe. We've compiled a rundown of the many styles of men's shirts you should possess, from breathable cotton alternatives for working out and hot days to timeless button-downs that go with everything.

      Shirts that are too big for men
      The vast majority of the time, a more relaxed shirt style is preferable. Clothes that are comfy, airy, and stretchy are great for anything from lounging to working out hard. If you care about the environment, you should prioritize buying shirts made from sustainable fabrics like organic linen, tencel, or recycled cotton. Use classic, long-lasting styles. This ensures that they will retain their shape and color even after being washed repeatedly.

      It's a good idea to have some basic shirts and casual button-downs on hand in addition to your collection of interesting graphic tees. Choose solid colors that are versatile enough to be worn with both dressier and more relaxed attire. The versatility of men's black shirts means they can be paired with anything from cargo shorts to skinny jeans. The addition of a well-tailored jacket is the best way to dress up a casual ensemble like a polo shirt or V-neck tee.

      Dress Shirts for Men
      Even if you don't have a job that regularly requires business attire, you still may need a suit at some point in your life. Gather a couple good dress shirts that you can throw on in a pinch and get dressed in advance. Men's classic blue or black suits aren't complete without a white shirt. In addition, they work well as a background against which to showcase a brightly colored tartan tie or paisley pocket square. Before you go out and buy a bunch of dress shirts for special occasions, it's important to figure out if you like a classic or thin fit. Checking a company's dimensions is a good idea before making a purchase.

      If you need a shirt for the workplace or a semiformal function, an Oxford is your best bet. They're much more relaxed than conventional men's dress shirts without sacrificing customization options. They're easy to pair with different bottoms and still look put together, whether you're wearing a skirt or jeans.