What is a safe distance from a 5g cell tower?
What Is the Minimum Acceptable Distance Between Your Home and a 5G Cell Tower? If you are a frequent user of a mobile phone, you may find yourself wondering how near you may go to a 5g cell tower and...
Does EMF Cause Cancer?
Does EMF Cause Cancer? Are electromagnetic fields (EMFs) harmful to the body? The are some individuals hold the opinion that the correct response to this question is no. Nevertheless, there are a large number of research that point in the...
Shungite Benefits
Benefits of Shungite The advantages of shungite may take various forms, such as the mineral's anti-inflammatory properties, its capacity to alleviate stress, and its protective efficacy against the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. Shungite is being installed in...
Ionizing Radiation
Where Does Ionizing Radiation Come From, and How Does It Impact You? Ionizing radiation is a topic that covers a lot of ground, and whether you are interested in obtaining a radiological test or you are simply worried about radon...
What Are Radio Waves?
What Exactly Are Radio Waves, Anyway? The kind of radiation known as electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves. Within the range of the electromagnetic spectrum, their wavelengths are the most extensive. Radio waves at a frequency of 30 Hz have, for...
What is a Faraday Cage?
What exactly is a Faraday Cage used for? A device known as a faraday cage is one that protects the electromagnetic field of a device by being constructed out of conductive materials and having the shape of a cage. It...
What Is An EMP?
What exactly is an EMP? You could have numerous questions regarding an emp, such as what it is and how it operates, and it's natural to have such queries. The response to the second question will be unique to each...
What Is Emf?
What exactly is EMF? If you want to know the answer to the question "What is EMF?", you will need to have an understanding of the many kinds of electromagnetic fields. The next step is to educate yourself on the...
Electromagnetic Spectrum
The whole range of electromagnetic waves, from visible light all the way up to gamma rays, is referred to collectively as the em spectrum. Understanding this region of the globe is crucial, and this topic is an essential component of the scientific discipline. The following paragraphs will explain how many of the most important characteristics of this spectrum may be used.
Emf Radiation
Radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a kind of electromagnetic energy that may be produced by a wide number of sources. Light, radio waves, gamma rays, and microwaves are all forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is possible for each of these types of energy to go across the void of space.
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, often known as EHS, is a disease that affects how humans perceive and react to the presence of electromagnetic fields. It is possible for the skin or other parts of the body to experience scorching or other unpleasant feelings as a result of this. Nausea, headaches, itchy skin, disorientation, memory loss, and tingling or other feelings are some of the symptoms that may be experienced.
How to Turn Off 5G on iPhone

To turn off 5G on an iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app labeled "Settings" on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on "Cellular."
  3. Tap on "Cellular Data Options."
  4. Tap on "Voice & Data."
  5. Select "4G" or "LTE" instead of "5G."
Is Using Bluetooth Dangerous For Your Brain?
There is a school of thought that holds that utilizing wireless technologies like Bluetooth might bring on chronic conditions like infertility and cancer. Some people believe that exposure to wireless radiation may change the brain's chemistry and have an effect on memory.
Tinfoil hats
Why You Might Want To Make A Tin Foil Hat The wearer of a tinfoil hat, also known as a foil hat, is afforded protection against mind control and electromagnetic radiation by virtue of the hat's construction out of aluminum...
Is 5g Dangerous?
Scientists have warned that 5G could have negative effects on the immune system. Cancer is a possible outcome. There are also worries concerning the effects of 5G's electromagnetic radiation. The millimeter wave spectrum is utilized specifically because it is thought to be more damaging to cells than lower frequency waves. On the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, the millimeter wave range is located between the microwave and infrared ranges. The wavelength is short and has a greater potential to influence cells than lower frequency waves.
Limiting Emf Exposure
Limiting Emf Exposure With Proteck'd Clothing Wearing garments with Proteck'd technology may help protect you from electromagnetic fields. These garments may be fashioned from metals of differing conductivity. Gold, followed by silver, and then copper, has the greatest conductivity of...
Orgonite Crystals for Emf
Orgonite has been utilized for health purposes for hundreds of years. Orgonite is an amalgam of metals. Orgonite is a man-made crystal said to attract good energy and absorb negative energy. It is constructed from a few different metals and a resin. It is utilized for both healing and EMF protection and may be formed into pyramids or pendants.
Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity
If you are seeking for a means to safeguard your health from the impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) such as those produced by mobile phones, computers, TVs, and other electronic devices, then you should absolutely consider utilizing an electromagnetic field sensitivity test. You will be able to determine from this whether or not you are susceptible to the effects of EMFs, as well as the appropriate preventative measures to take.
5G Radiation
Exposure to 5G radiation may cause a range of different illnesses. Among them include a weakened immune system and difficulties with eyesight. Additionally, it has the potential to make individuals more prone to allergic reactions and skin conditions. Pain in the joints and bones, particularly arthritis, may potentially be a symptom of this condition. Additionally, it may cause the activation of viruses, which in turn weakens the immune system and reduces one's capacity to fight against illnesses.