Men's Button Ups

Proteck'd Apparel is designed to help you feel and perform your best by using cutting-edge technology that shields you from emf waves and improves your immunity, performance, cognition, and sleep.

The casual shirts for guys from Proteck'd are a good place to start building a relaxed wardrobe. You may then expand your casual wear wardrobe by adding a variety of cuts, colors, and collars to the foundational pieces you already own. Looking for the perfect shirt to go with your new pair of relaxed pants for men? Avoid further searching. There has never been an easier time to adopt a laid-back, fashionable style. So that you may go on with your (effortlessly fashionable) day, we have provided you with some helpful advice on how to dress men's casual shirts.

The benefits of maintaining a relaxed atmosphere are many. The possibilities of what to wear with men's khakis are almost limitless. To what extent do you value a neat and tidy appearance? An ordinary button-down shirt with short sleeves (of any color!) will do. You want something more athletic? If you want to look your best, opt for a Polo shirt.

A casual dress shirt is a great option for guys since it can be worn with almost any kind of shorts. What about a traditional collar and pockets on your printed camp shirt? Invest in a handful of them and you'll have many options for weekend outfits. Do you favor short-sleeved, checkered, casual shirts? You can get by with only your favorite stretch twill shorts or cargos.

The casual button-down shirt is a wardrobe must for guys. Know that reliable denim shirt you have sitting in your closet? You can go from the office to happy hour with this ensemble by adding some men's casual shoes (we're thinking sneakers or loafers). Is it time for a new pair of chinos? Pair them with a slim-fit shirt or a shirt jacket with a collar for a sophisticated look.