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Men's Shorts

Shorts for Men

Men's shorts have historically been made to match the fit of the pants they wear. There were frequently pleats in them, giving the lines that hit at the waist a retro feel.

Different Style of Shorts To Choose From:

  • Denim shorts: Characterized by their construction out of denim fabric and its availability in a number of cuts and washes, including cuffed, distressed, and high-waisted options. They are a flexible choice that can be worn up or down, making them a great addition to any outfit.
  • Cargo shorts: These shorts are designed to be worn during outdoor activities and are also convenient for transporting smaller objects. They are constructed out of a long-lasting fabric like cotton twill or canvas.
  • Board shorts: A specific kind of shorts that are made specifically for use in water sports including surfing, swimming, and paddle boarding. Traditional shorts have a shorter inseam, but these feature a longer inseam and are composed of a material that dries quickly.
  • Running shorts: Created for for running and other forms of exercise These shorts are developed specifically for running and other forms of exercise. They are designed to keep you cool and comfortable by being lightweight and constructed of fabric that wicks away perspiration.
  • Shorts made of linen: These shorts, which are made of linen fabric, are lightweight, breathable,... Read More